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Your experience is worth money

We make teaching a worth while gig for you. And help you develop your career with people that share your passion.

4.7 / 5

average recommendation rating

how it works…

Creating a pop-up class

1. Add a new class

Set the title, outline, location, attendee goal, and price.

E.g. Introduction to Programming at Espresso Edge on 49 Main St. 3 hours, max 5 attendees. Price $99.

2. Prepare for the class

Lets promote your class together. We want you to succeed!

Once the attendee goal is reached the class is on and you can prepare for your lesson.

3. Host the class

After the class everyone is rated. Superlect pays out your earnings.

Wanna give it another spin? Just clone the class, set another date and make it even better than the previous one.

Build your reputation

Users keep persistent profiles of ratings for classes taught and classes attended.

These profiles are a valuable asset for users to show their current professional standing – soft and hard skills.

getting started is easy and free

Everybody is welcome – there are no gatekeepers

Whether you’re an up-and-comer or further along in life we believe your experience has value. We have zero barriers to entry, no gatekeepers and no monthly fees. Only once an event is completed we pay out the revenue to the host and keep a small percentage to maintain our service.

Make good money teaching the topic you love. You set your own goals and price. We’re committed to making things easy and risk free.

Be part of the early adopters and influence core features of our service. We’re building this service for you.
We help teachers with pricing, finding venues, picking topics, teaching methods, polishing their presentations… Whatever it takes to make a successful event.

Teaching is the ultimate side-hustle and we’re here to show you how its done.

This is our culture

Learning Done Right

Benefit from the worlds best education model

Superlect’s teaching model has it’s roots in the Finnish education system through it’s founders. We’re number one in education (,, and we’re here to pass it forward.

Democratizing education

Equal opportunity, no gatekeepers, affordable prices – everyone is welcome. Superlect is for those courageous and driven to make a living out of their passion and experience.

Forge lasting connections

Conversations happen naturally in a small group setting. This is the power of Superlect and that’s why it’s time to forget the majority of networking events. In a Superlect pop-up class people just meet and make friends *cough* we mean, build professional networks.

You probably haven’t considered teaching, but you should start doing so now.

We are seeking makers, creators and influencers looking to connect with their followers in a more meaningful way. Build real world connections through sharing hands on advice with your peers. You don’t have to have experience teaching, certificates or an impressive resume… we’re interested in your story, passion and talent. We’re here to help you earn by teaching.

What they’re saying…


Superlect pop-up classes are a great experience. Simply having face to face time with the teacher was worth the price for me. Robert

Freelance Artist

I had such an invigorating day attending a pop-up class taught by a long-time internet favorite of mine. I was challenged and encouraged. I gained new information in addition to sharing some of my own knowledge. All this was made possible by the small group environment crafted by Superlect. Alyssa

Communications Specialist

These guys are really on to something… Superlect empowers you to teach! Jasmine

Content Marketer

Hi, we’re Superlect!

Passionately curious folks from Finland where the world’s best education comes from. Our culture is Do Learn Teach Repeat and we’re here to spread it around the world.

We’re launching in California Q2/2019. We’re looking for social media specialists, influencers, creatives and programmers.