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Frequently Asked Questions

Do classes happen online?

No. Superlect is all about IRL pop-up classes where professionals share ideas and problems. We don’t know who you’ll meet – but we’re sure the connection will be stronger than digital.

Where are classes held?

A great lesson doesn’t need fancy surroundings. Previously classes have been held in public spaces like cafe’s, libraries, YMCA’s, restaurants and private spaces like offices, studios and homes. All that matters is having a calm welcoming atmosphere. There is an abundance of physical space available because everything is going digital – lets liven things up again, shall we!

What's a good topic?

Anything that’s helped you move forward in your work. Think of what you wish you’d known a year ago. What do you know now that would have helped you progress? That is valuable experience to share to others in your field. Superlect has your back and we’re ready to help you come up with valuable viewpoints.

Previously on Superlect we’ve had topics like: Improving your game art portfolio, How to use programming to speed up office work, How to shoot portraits, How to write stand up comedy, How to mix pop music, How to target marketing on facebook, How to manage animation production, How to start a company…

Do I need to have teaching experience?

No. We believe teaching comes naturally – you teach your family, friends and co-workers every day! We give you the tools and methods to become great. No one is perfect on the first try, but that’s what Superlect is for. Do, learn, teach – repeat!

Whats in it for me?

Superlect is the ultimate side hustle. A typical pop-up class is three hours long and costs between $49 – $99 per attendee. The maximum attendance is ten students. A full class at this rate would be worth $990. The average class earning in our pilot run (Los Angeles, Q2/2018) was $200. Once a class is created you can easily replicate it as many times as you like.

Who comes to these classes?

Professionals are hungry to upskill. We’re the most effective and affordable way to progress your career in the freelance economy. Think if you’d have someone in your network that would benefit from learning from you… we do.

What they’re saying…


Superlect pop-up classes are a great experience. Simply having face to face time with the teacher was worth the price for me.


Freelance Artist

I had such an invigorating day attending a pop-up class taught by a long-time internet favorite of mine. I was challenged and encouraged. I gained new information in addition to sharing some of my own knowledge. All this was made possible by the small group environment crafted by Superlect.


Communications Specialist

These guys are really on to something… Superlect empowers you to teach!


Content Marketer

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